Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Here it goes again...

I have had a lot of people ask me lately what's been going on with Wilson, so the easiest thing is just to write this out. Saturday night, after Trick or Treating with some friends, we got home to find Wilson was having severe diarrhea. It was several times an hour for 48 hours, and is till happening, but less often now. All of the specialists agree that it is not a virus of any type, nor is it an allergic reaction (which was our original guess.) At this point, we are lost and confused. I am tired of this hitting us all of the time. I want my baby to be better, so we have decided to do another surgical procedure November 17. It will be at Children's hospital Liberty Twp campus. This is the soonest we can get him in, and until then, the doctors worry Wilson will stay this way. Hopefully when they search Wilson's body, they will be able to find whatever's causing his body to react this way. He is still happy, energetic, and typical Wilson. We just want to know what is causing the abnormal reaction to foods, whether it be diarrhea or allergies. Our main concern at this time is dehydration; Wilson does not like juice, pedialyte, Gatorade, etc. He mainly likes milk and water, so I am encouraging it as much as possible. I fear potty-training, which has been going well, will also have to be put on hold. There is no way we can expect him to make it to the restroom at this point. This procedure is similar to the one they did last December, but the doctors are hopeful they can find something at this point and go from there treating Wilson. There are numerous things that could be going on, we're just not sure at this point what is what. Several of his stool samples have returned elevated, which is causing a bit of alarm. The MD performing the procedure is out of town until the 16th, which is the reason for the delay, otherwise they way the nurses have spoken, I think they would want it to be done sooner. Please keep us in your prayers as the next two weeks come, I'm just not sure where to go.

Blessings, wilsonsmom

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I really am a slacker.

"Hello friend." That's how my two and a half year old (!) says hi to our friends now. My, what an adventure we have been on lately. We have successfully introduced soy into his diet, started him at a new school (both which have been tremendous successes,) and Wilson decided he didn't want to wear diapers anymore. Most parents would rejoice, however, most parents do not have such a stubborn child. He is doing quite well with the #1 part of it, however the twosies are just not working out for us. In fact, I just had to change him in the middle of a park shelter because he wouldn't go on the potty and instead dropped one in his undies. Right before daddy's surprise birthday lunch. Aaahhh, memories! Regardless, I am thankful that he is working on this huge milestone, and that we get to be a part of his life.

I am amazed and humbled by the growth and changes I have seen in him lately. It's easier to understand why people have children 2-3 years apart now, he is no longer a baby but a little boy. What a difference that is. He is having full conversations with us, involving himself in our daily activities, and helping us out. This morning, we decided to surprise hubby with cupcakes and Chipotle at the park where he and uncle Scott were supposed to be playing basketball. We went to Kroger, where he got the little man shopping cart, put the ingredients he needed into his cart, up onto the conveyor belt, and handed the lady the money. All the while, saying "please, thank you, excuse me, etc." What a little Mr. Manners we have! Every time we go to the grocery together, the young cashiers always comment on his flirting abilities, which are quite stellar. Hey, not everything was from dad. ; )

In other news, please be praying for a good friend of ours, Krugie. She has been diagnosed with multiple allergies at the age of 23. Man, if she would have only listened to me a year ago...I digress. This is understandably an overwhelming and frightening time for her, so please pray for guidance, comfort, and knowledge for her to get through this.

Also, welcome to the family, Josh. He married hubby's baby sis last weekend in AZ. There are pics up on her facebook page if you are her friend. Unfortunately, we were not there, but she looked lovely.

So, how have you guys been?
Blessings, Wilsonsmom

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


God calls us to live life as the Church. Emphasis on the capital C. This is not some place we attend on a weekly basis, this is a group of passionate followers of Jesus who band together as a community and grow as much as possible. We have been working on what exactly that looks like for us as a family lately.

Today, we found out precisely what it is. While changing the monster's diaper this morning, I noticed his stool was quite runnier than normal, and there were peas in his stool. Mind you we haven't had those in months, so I was quite surprised. I called the daycare and discovered that they had in fact served peas yesterday for lunch. Knowing hubby didn't serve them to him, I realized he ate some at school. When I asked his teacher about it, I was told that they didn't have time to worry about things like that. So, needlessly to say he will no longer be attending that particular school.

I do have a meeting with the owner of the school today to let them know that this should not happen and to further discuss other issues we have come across with them so they can improve. I pray that God gives me the strength and the words to accurately and calmly describe things to her so she can keep this from happening again.

We also have an interview with another daycare tomorrow that specializes in children with sensory issues and exceptional needs. I am praying this is the opportunity we have been looking for all of this time, somewhere he can be the sweet loving boy we all know he is.

Through all of this, I have needed to find somewhere to send him for the next three weeks until the other center has an opening for him and fortunately through the gifts of God's faithfulness, we have someone to watch him every day except one, and I have tow available people for that, just determining which will do that.

So thank you Father for your grace, protection, and love. Thank You for guiding us into a community of followers who want to help one another and to serve You.

Blessings, wilsonsmom

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm a bad blogger

Well, hello friends. It's been a while, and for that I apologize. But at least we have a good excuse, we've been playing! The weather has finally turned nice and we've been trying to maximize our fun time.

We have also been to Childrens Hospital recently. Our allergist asked us to start reintroducing soy seriously, and while I am hesitant, we are following the doc's orders. And so far we're doing well. We also let him try a bit of a mild, flaky fish with success (thus far.)

Now onto the big news, Wilsonsparents are taking our first family vacation! Hubby's grandma is not doing well, so we are going to fly to Florida soon and visit. Wilson is so excited about flying in an airplane! He keeps telling us he'll be like the birds. I'm certain Wilson will get to try more fish while we're down there.

This month, the monster will be two and a half, and while the time is flying by, I'm finding myself even more in love with my monster than I thought possible. He just has the best personality (most of the time,) and he is starting to love his momma! This means not everything is all about "my daddy, my daddy" as it has been. This morning we've been "nuggling" and watching a bit of television while deciding what we're going to do today. I just didn't realize I would enjoy him as much as I do.

So go outside, enjoy a nice time swinging or sliding, and think of us!

Blessings, wilsonsmom

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So there was this boy...

One night, I went to this guy's house to hang out with his friends and gently blow him off. Two of his friends showed up as well, and one of them was really cute, but he was growing a mullet (HUGE turn off.) The next night, the original guy called and invited me out to a movie with him and the same friends. He asked me to bring a girl for each of his two friends. I decided not to, since the cute guy was going (sneaky, right?!?) and I ended up hanging out with him, his best friend, and baby brother all night. I got to kiss him that night too!

Little did I know that six years later I would be sitting in our house having a delicious dinner and glass of wine, snuggling and watching TV with our son asleep upstairs. In just a few short years we have gone through death, life, friends, childbirth, among other things.

So happy sixth anniversary baby. I love you so much.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring has arrived!

Spring is here, and boy are we ready to play outside! I have been trying to take Wilson to the park as much as possible, and I think it's as good for me as it is for him! He just got his first soccer ball, and it might have replaced J as his best friend. Everything right now is about soccer and "my soccer ball." It's the funniest thing, and I can't wait till fall when he can start soccer.

We found out last week that Wilson has Sensory Processing Disorder, but I'm not exactly sure what that means yet. A book I was directed to by one of our therapists, "The Out of Sync Child" tells me that it is "the inability to use information received through the senses in order to function smoothly in daily life." I haven't gotten too far yet, but so far, everything describing a sensory-seeking child seems to be all Wilson. I am certainly interested to see what else this book has in store. We are also waiting on a report from the wonderful woman who did his assessment on exactly what she saw when she spent time with him at his daycare. I am anticipating this will shed some light as to what we as his parents can do to best satisfy our little monster.

We are working on finding an occupational therapist who is available to take him on as well as wondering exactly how "therapy-friendly" his daycare truly is. As of now, they are showing quite a bit of resistance and a serious lack of concern for his best interest (IMO.) While I realize they have a job to do, we need to do what's best for him. I am currently exploring options recommended by his PSC and assessor.

At this point, I'm just praying that we get things moving quickly and in a direction that is the most effective method for Wilson.

On a side note, Happy Happy Birthday to our friend Jill. Our family loves you and your boys, and we hope today is fabulous.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

GI Follow-Up

Greetings, I come to you first in prayer that the God who is bigger than any of us has a plan. A big plan, because no one else seems to.

We have been working on the sweet potatoes, and Tuesday night, right after dinner, Wilson broke out into hives, as I posted. They went away, but at four o'clock this morning, we heard him coughing and crying, so hubby went in to check up on him, and found he had vomited and had a very high fever. We gave him Tylenol, then Motrin a few hours later when it wasn't going down. I just prayed for it to at least go down, then we started our morning.

This morning, my wonderful friend, Jessica, accompanied us to Children's Hospital for Wilson's GI follow-up from two months ago. Hubby had a very important meeting at work he wasn't able to miss, and her joining us was such a blessing and help, because it enabled me to talk to the doctor without worrying about his behavior (or his obsession with the phone in the offices or washing his hands one thousand times while he's there.)

Dr. Franciosi basically told us that he was quite certain Wilson should not be eating sweet potatoes, and he wanted me to call the allergist about it. He then proceeded to tell us that he is fine, we should be thankful for his size (36 3/4 inches and 35 lbs.) and not worry so much about the allergies.

*Mom time* This doctor obviously has never had to take a child with 15+ food allergies to a family dinner with absolutely no knowledge of how he was going to feed them and keep the child safe. He has never had to worry every minute of his day that someone ate an egg then touched him, causing anaphylaxis. But I have, and I know what that is like.

I also know that this doctor sees many many children that are much worse than Wilson and has many more issues than he does. But those are not my children, and fortunately for me, we are not in that circumstance. That doesn't mean I do not want to know what is going on.

So here it is. God, take it. Take my son in your hands and HEAL HIM. HEAL MY BABY. You are the only one who is able to do this. I have nothing without you and everything with you. Please use us, our story, our family for Your glory and Your good. I give up, it's all yours.

Blessings, friends. Thanks for the prayers.